Facebook the top acquisition platform for retailers - growth up 50%

Posted by Rebecca West on Aug 6, 2015 1:36:00 PM

Social Commerce aka sCommerce continues to grow for consumers and retailers alike.  It is fast becoming a vital tool for engaging & attracting new customers whom a retailer may not otherwise have connected with.  Email & Paid Search are however still on the top of the list of effective acquisition channels for retailers according to the State of Retailing Online 2015 Survey.


The survey, conducted by, Forrester Research Inc & Bizrate Insights showed that 25% of retailers say Facebook is their top acquisition channel.  Year on year, investment in social media initiatives increased by 58% in line with the new advertising opportunities launched across Facebook and other social networks. 

Most retailers understand that using complementary marketing channels makes a huge difference in reaching new markets and diversifying their product reach.  

For paid social media, 50% of retailers said they are investing more this year than last year on paid Facebook options, such as promoted posts and paid ads.  YouTube came in second at 29% with retailers saying they will spend more on paid options for the video website followed by Pinterest at 27%, Twitter at 22%, Instagram at 20% and Snapchat at 6%.

With more and more retailers looking to grow their ecommerce business, diversify traffic drivers beyond search is essential.  Many more retailers are trialing online marketplaces, this was ranked the fifth most effective channel for customer acquisition tools and 32% of online retailers are spending more on this marketing channel  YoY.

Online retailers need to embrace the many new and existing marketing channels in order to fully extend their product reach.  Staying ahead of the competition and being everywhere consumers are looking is essential to their future success.

We can help both extend retailer product reach across over 800 online marketing channels globally, while ensuring all activity is optimised and profitable.

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