Google Shopping: The Future of Product Level eCommerce?

Posted by Mark.Batson on Feb 5, 2016 11:05:03 AM

Throughout 2015 Google, Retailers and Agencies alike, have invested a lot of time and effort in improving the data points required as part of the Google Shopping Feed Specification. You’ll remember particularly the move to make GTINs a required element of the Feed for a list of Designated Brands within the Fashion vertical; a move that even now still presents a significant challenge for the large majority of UK Fashion Retailers.

The move however wasn’t without its merits and the first indicative views of Google’s plans for this information, are now starting to surface into the live SERP’s. In its early guise, the move is intended to increase the pre-qualification and purchase intent of the user, simply by aggregating the available colour, size and pattern options, along with the retailers that stock them.

Google are effectively creating a micro-product comparison environment, baked directly into the search listings, that allows the user to select their preferred colour/size, check which retailers currently have the item in stock and ultimately decide who they wish to spend their hard earned cash with.




The future evolutions of this have not been confirmed by Google, but you can bet that there are plans to bake in direct/in-line purchase capabilities using Google’s Wallet (previously Checkout) technology.

Effectively Google stands to create its own, search engine powered Marketplace and not only does it have access to largest user base in the world, they have been collecting Product Level information since the original inception of what we now know as Google Shopping, when Froogle launched back in 2002. Google may not be evil, but they certainly are very smart!

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