Top Tips to Maximise Product Data Quality

Posted by Adelina Manolache on Jan 14, 2016 12:59:06 PM

Creating the perfect data feed can be a complex, time consuming process and no two retailers have the same challenges. Luckily, our data experts are able to create perfect, fully optimised data feeds which contain all the product attributes needed to represent products across all online channels. Here’s five of the many ways in which you can enrich, enhance and normalise product data to ensure consumer relevancy. 


1. Title Optimisation

Ensure your titles accurately and succinctly describe the product. Also make sure they are unique from your other products you are submitting.

2. Granular Product Type

Get the right product type or category in your feed, make sure it’s right and it’s as granular as possible but make sure it’s actually a category not an attribute!

3. Accurate Prices

Supply all the various prices such as RRP, Current price, sale price etc. and make sure they are accurate, include VAT and match your site.

4. Detailed Product Descriptions

This is a vital element of the product data which often gets overlooked. Users need to know all the attributes of the product, materials, sizes, dimensions, features etc. don’t under invest in this area

5. Product Identifiers

Having the right EAN/UPC is becoming more important than ever not just for hard goods, for key brands such as Nike and Adidas some partners will no longer list your products without this. Find the data, it will exist somewhere or send someone into the warehouse for 2 weeks! It will be worth it we promise.

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