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Amazon AU Changes Referral Fee Scheduling

From the 31st of March, Amazon AU referral fee percentages will change.

Sellers must pay referral fees on each item they sell, and this varies depending on category. Amazon calculates the percentage on the total sales price, including shipping, then deducts the applicable referral fee.

There is no minimum or maximum referral fee.

Not all percentages will change. Automotive (9%) and clothing & accessories (12%), for example, will remain the same. Click here to see the full adjustments.

Closing Fees
If you're selling within the media categories such as Books, DVD, Music, Software & Computer/Video Games, Video, and Video Game Consoles, you will need to pay a closing fee of $1 per item.


Refund Administration Fee
If you refund a customer for an order for which you received payment, then Amazon will refund you the referral fee you paid. This is excluding the refund administration fee which is 20% of the applicable Referral Fee.


How Intelligent Reach can help

You might decide it best to use marketplace-based pricing instead, based on the referral fees. Intelligent Reach can set rules that work out how much margin is left after the cost of the product and the referral fees, then increase prices if the margin is below a pre-specified threshold.

Get in touch if you'd like further guidance.


13-Mar-2019 11:31:56

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