eBay Launches Guaranteed Delivery: Offers 50% off Final Value Fees for Participation

eBay has finally launched its Guaranteed Delivery program and with it, a few benefits for early-adopters.

Sellers who have a minimum of 100 eBay transactions per year and a late shipment rate of less than 5% can now offer same- or 1-day handling, meaning that buyers receive their items in three days or less, guaranteed.

Not only will sellers have the opportunity to enhance their product visibility and customer acquisition, but early-adopters will also enjoy 50% off their final value fees as well as free advertising credit.

Buyers will also be able to filter search results based on guaranteed delivery.

Those already participating have reported sales growths from 63% to 146%, which is unsurprising given the importance consumers place on delivery and shipping when making a purchase.

48% of consumers said that guaranteed delivery dates are a deciding factor when making a purchase online, meaning the update is expected to change the game for both sellers and buyers on eBay.

Read eBay’s blog post on the topic, and get in touch for more details to learn how participating can benefit you.



18-Apr-2018 17:30:56

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