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Google's Algorithm Change and what it means for retailers

Sales via mobile devices are booming, with mobile browsing exceeding traditional browsing across retail for the first time in 2014; indicating changing behaviour of online shoppers. Consumers are always on line, connecting with brands and each other. 

It is for precisely this reason that Google’s updated its algorithm which has been called 'Mobilegeddon'.



Retailers must be aware of the switch and optimise their websites to accommodate mobile users. Unresponsive websites would have been losing sales for some time, but the algorithm change will now drive more shoppers away or, even worse, mean that websites won’t even appear on mobile searches – both situations which would lead to a significant loss of virtual footfall and overall revenue.

Google’s algorithm change is a positive response to consumer needs, but as technology continues to evolve, retailers need to stay ahead of the curve and provide a seamless experience across all devices. 

Product listings must also be optimised using 'Relevant' product titles and descriptions in line with what consumers are looking for, if they can't find your products, they will buy from the competition, clear product images need to stand out from the ever growing competition.

Being live and relevant is the first stage to success.  Monitoring and optiminsing activity at a product level is the key to ensuring profitability of any product level advertising.