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Why buy an Aston Martin and leave it in the garage?

If you are involved in eCommerce Platform Migration, read on...

Many eCommerce teams, look for the best platform for their needs, and spend months prevaricating over what fits their needs, budget and perceived value back to the business.

However, if the data they are using to feed this behemoth is poor then the old adage comes into play, Rubbish in, Rubbish out, which does not ensure your company’s products are seen by the right buyers more times, at the right time than you competitors which must be paramount to an eCommerce team’s success criteria.

Intelligent Reach takes that guess work out of data feeds being good, poor or indifferent, and works with your company to allow you to open the garage doors and enable the data shown on Google, Amazon, eBay or Bing to be relevant, up to date with great images that attract and keep attracting your target audience ensuring your ROAS is spent where it is needed, and therefore increasing your bottom line.

Public Desire have recently released the attached video that highlights what Intelligent Reach do, and how through working with the platform, and a highly skilled and focussed CSM team show what can be achieved.

Please take time to view this video, and then speak to us at Intelligent Reach to enable your company in 2018 to see returns in the magnitude that Public Desire have thus allowing you to drive your Aston Martin with pride showcasing your company as the very best in its given field.

See how we helped Public Desire increase their gross profit by 42%


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By powering optimum product data, Intelligent Reach helps retailers & brands optimise the offsite product discovery journey, ensuring no matter when or where your ideal customers interact, they will find your products and convert.

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