Step 5: Continuous Improvement

The final important step to securing your online success is continuing to improve data quality & product performance.

Long-Term Success

There is only one thing that is consistent in the online retail space - and that is change.

Scaling up or down, adding and removing partners, changing feed requirements, changing consumer behaviours, new advertisers popping up and shutting down, merging and dividing, being bought, sold, and evolving... from day-to-day it takes an entire team of people to stay on top of all these changes and ensure that retailers remain profitable no matter what external factors change.

In order to ensure the long-term success of any online retailer it is vital to continually check every one of the four previous steps, always improving, evolving, and optimising at a product level.

That's why we became Intelligent Reach.

In the words of our founder and CEO Steve Rivers: "We realised that retailers were unable to create data feeds in all the different required formats and therefore were unable to track performance for every single product. We knew way back then that online operations for retailers would be powered by data feeds like the ones at the core of our platform."

We passionately believe based on our years of experience in online retail that all of these 5 steps to success need to be continually checked and further optimised in order to succeed - an impossible task to manage without our platform with its complex algorithmic decisions and intuitive actionable insights.

On top of our platform, we have a team of professionals from data quality to performance optimisation and advanced insights to ensure your overall success.

We drive product profitability for retailers.


Get in touch to learn how we can help you - we will be happy to do a free feed review with you, or book a product demo so you can see our platform in action!